Monday, June 3, 2019

Savehaklu Dam

Savehaklu Dam is about 6 km away from chakra dam, we need travel in the same direction from Nagara to  get to this dam. The dam is built for chakra river, the water from this dam is diverted towards Linganamakki Dam. This reservoir is surrounded by thick forest. There is no public transport to this place, you need to make private vehicles. You need to give your details and vehicles for security reason. Dam looks beautiful from the entry point, you can take amazing pictures. The surrounding area is lush green and the water too.

The place is too windy and foggy during monsoon and this makes it worth place for monsoon trip. You can even take your car or bikes on the dam road. Best time to visit the place is from July to December. As per the officials the dam would be full during august. The last few kilometers to the dam is very narrow a Tempo Traveller would go, but it is ride able. So grab your rain gears and start the trip.

There is no restaurant or stall after Nagara so take your food, snacks and water along with you.  The surrounding is clean so its good we keep it in swachh way. Checkout the photos and plan your trip.  Also, do visit Chakra dam which is very close to Savehaklu Dam.


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