Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Malik E Maidan, Vijapur

Malik - E - Maidan

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Malik-e-Maidan, considered as one of the largest bell metal guns in the world, is situated around 3 km away from Bijapur District. Meaning of the word ‘Malik-e-Maidan’ is 'The Monarch of the Plains’. It was built in 1549 by Ali Adil Shah I and was considered as a war trophy.
It is 4.45 metres long, has a diameter of 1.5 metres and weighs 55 tons. The cannon is sitting on top of the Sherzah Burj facing west towards the plains outside the city. This cannon was surrounded by a darbar hall and many royal residences of the Adil kings.   

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It is believed that the legendary cannon always remains cool and tinkles like a bell on tapping. The nozzle of the gun is shaped like the head of a lion with open jaws. Between the carved fangs of the lion is depicted an elephant being crushed to death. On top of the cannon is present an inscription commissioned by Aurangzeb.

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