Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Ibrahim Roza, Vijapura

Ibrahim Roza

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Ibrahim Rauza, often referred to as 'The Taj Mahal of the Deccan', was designed by Malik Sandal. It comprises four minarets, a mosque on its right, and a tomb at its left side. It houses the remains of Ibrahim Adil Shah II and his wife Taj Sultana.  

Facing east towards the tomb, the front of the mosque has five arches with elaborate plaster work on the spandrel. Above them, a wide nave is supported by lotus brackets. Above the nave is an elaborate parapet comprising an ornate screen.

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The high corner minarets are divided into storeys and have an unusual cluster of columns at the base. The spherical dome is raised on a platform decorated with large petals. Both the mosque and the tomb are elevated on a common base in the middle of  a  beautiful garden. The tomb is composed of cupolas and slender minarets.

District                                : Vijapura/Bijapura
Distance from Bus stand  : 2 Kms
Length of Visit                    : 1 Hour

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