Saturday, June 22, 2019

Chandrampalli Dam

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Located in the Chandrampalli village on the bank of river Bhima is the Chandrampalli Dam. The dam is less popular; however, it is one of the most beautiful attractions of Gulbarga. In and around the dam is the lush green forest, Chincholi, where travellers can camp and trek to experience Mother Nature. There is also a Hanuman temple close to the dam. This dam is one of the most important ones in the district as it supplies water to irrigation. This dam was built in the year 1973. 

Image result for chandrampalli dam

Image result for chandrampalli dam

There are 6 spillway gates and the release gates are towards the southern end of the dam; the dam is an earthen dam with spillway gates on the left bank. The height of the dam is 28.65 metres and the length is 926.54 metres. At full reservoir level, the dam is 493.16 ft and maximum water level the dam can store is 496.21 metres. There are 6 gates in total and the main purpose of the dam was irrigation. 

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