Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Paradise beach also known as Full Moon beach is enveloped in absolute surreal beauty. Raw and untouched, the beach is away from all the hustle bustle. The beach can only be reached by a boat or by trekking through the forest. Leisure, warmth and beauty describe Paradise Beach at its best.

Dotted with umpteen beach shacks serving mouth-watering seafood and other delicacies, food lovers will be more than satisfied. The shacks also host enthralling barbecue evenings along with soothing music. You can also encounter some bonfire gatherings organised by a few shacks a little away from the chaos. Ideal for swimming and sunbathing, this is the perfect spot for some uninterrupted quiet time. If you are looking for water sports, you may be slightly disappointed as there are no water activities held here. The beach is a delight during late evenings with the breathtaking sight of the sea shining in the bright moonlight.

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Mirjan Fort - Kumta

Most travellers who visit Murudeshwar are often mesmerised by the large structures in and around the area, and many miss a structure that has withstood the test of time. Mirjan Fort is very less talked about or even promoted, therefore making it a lesser known attraction of Murudeshwar. This ancient fort has many claimants and the construction credits seem very hazy. Historians have traced back the construction to the 16th century and have seen pieces of evidence that credit Queen Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa for the construction. Queen Chennabhairadevi was popularly known as the ‘pepper queen’ and it is said that she managed the pepper business from this fort.

If you visit the location post the monsoon season, the fort is layered beautifully with a mat of moss. Built over 4 hectares, the structure is protected with double-walls that could clearly withstand an invasion. The fort is constructed using locally available laterite stones and has four entrances, wells and hidden passages that have been planned intelligently. The excavations at the place still continue to reveal many secrets that date back to the medieval period. This fort with Deccan and Mughal influences has been home to many rulers over the centuries. After many restoration efforts, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has declared the fort as a protected monument under its purview. The fort is best visited around the afternoon and can be clubbed alongside the temple tour en route Gokarna.

Courtesy : Times India

Upli Buruj

Upli Buruj Upli Buruj or Uplri Buruj is a spherical structure with stone steps winding round the outside. The top of the tower of...