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The Kumara Parvata Peak more popularly known as  ‘Pushpagiri’ lies in the backdrop of ancient shrine of Kukke Subramanya.
Kumara Parvata, the third tallest peak in Karnataka, nestled within the high clouds, is one of the most beautiful scenarios of the Western Ghats.
The place is almost always covered with dense fogs and heavy winds. It is rampant with leeches and snakes, and is also known as the land of the King Cobra. Hence the best time to avoid them would be the dry months of April and May when the rains are yet to be received.

I have read that we should avoid this trek in Summer time. So lets go with a common consensus.
Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, from Subramanya in Mangalore District to Somwarpet in Coorg district covers an area of 102 sq km. This range is also abode to many gigantic peaks in the Western Ghats.
Kumara Parvata Peak stands the tallest amongst the peaks in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude of 5136 ft (1712 mts) above Sea level.

Difficulty level                :      High
Temperature                 :      Max 30 degrees C
Accommodation             :      Tents
Washrooms                   :      Not available
Food                              :      Veg food
Transport                       :     Group Transport

Distance from Bangalore 230 kms (one way)
Total trekking distance 14-15 kms approx. (one way)
1. Not for first timers.
2. Not for families or children below 18 years.
3. If your cannot carry your own luggage, its not for you.
4. If you cant carry around 10+kg luggage, its not for you.
5. Smokers are discouraged as you will be climbing most of the time.

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