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Sigandur Godess Chowdeswari temple is located near the river Sharavathi which is located between Sagara & Sigandur, Godess Chowdeswari is very powerful godess where in prayed honestly gets results positive, This temple is very unique in itself, as the devi is self manifest,and is very powerful.

Many a cases are solved here without going to courts,by just putting up the problem to the devi.
One way to reach this temple is by crossing the river on a boat, along with your car in the boat, which itself is very unique. The location is itself very extraordinary as the temple is surrounded by greenary on one side and the river on the other.

 Devi Chaudamma temple at Sigandur
This place is located in the other side of backwater of river Sharavathi ( before Jog falls ). To reach this place people have to come to the main city Sagar. Sagar is nearly 350Kms from Bangalore city. Frequent buses are available from Bangalore to Shimoga city and to Sagar. It is not possible to go and come back from Bangalore in one day as the launch service (for crossing the river Sharavathi) is limited and the distance is more. From Sagar private vehicles or private buses are available (mud road). Vehicles reach one side of the bank in the river Sharavathi. Launch ( ferry ) service is available from this bank to the other bank to cover a distance of one Km. Service available upto 5.00pm only. 

The other side of the river is a small village called Kalasavalli belonging to the main place called Tumari. From this place Sigandur is nearly ten KMs. The Goddess Chaudamma ( Chowdamma ) temple is located at Sigandur. During Sankranti ( in the month of January ) a festival is celebrated here. Tourist from all part of India visit this place during the festival. People offer goat and chickens to full fill their wishes during this festival. 

The temple priest gives a cupper and brass tag to the devotes for nominal fee. There is a belief that on wearing this tag belonging will not be stolen from houses. 

Accomodation is available only at temple premises for limited number of persons only. Food is not available in this place as there are no private hotels. 

Temple Address
Pradhana Archaka
Sri Sigandur Chaudamma temple
Post: Tumari
Taluk: Sagar
District: Shimoga 
Std Code: 08186
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